We have the Key Flag!

We are proud to announce that Teampac’s production has been awarded the respected Finnish Key Flag Symbol. The Key Flag Symbol is a registered collective mark, which demonstrates that a product has been manufactured in Finland, creating Finnish jobs.

Avainlippu TeampacilleConcept Manager Heini Koivistoinen commented: “We see that by using domestic products and services we support regional employment and development. This is at the core of our company values and responsibility. In fact, 40 % of our company is owned by employees. We are honored to now have an official recognition of our work.”

Another important reason for applying for the symbol has been our wish to ease the application process of our customers, who want the Key Flag for their products.

“We can help our customers during the application process as a part of our expert services. We will promote the option of a Key Flag Symbol not only during new product development but also to suitable current products and product series”.

Teampac’s right to use the Key Flag Symbol covers cosmetics, hygiene and healthcare product lines.

For more information please contact:
Concept Manager Heini Koivistoinen
+358 50 585 9019