Teampac’s expansion continues

Teampac’s expansion continues

Teampac is expanding its factory. The building work is currently in progress, and the new production facilities will become operational in stages during spring 2021. Once completed, the factory will be approximately 1500 square metres larger than before. This means Teampac’s customers can expect even higher product quality and even more reliable production schedules.

Teampac’s factory, based at Liljendal in Loviisa, Finland, is being transformed. The ambitious expansion project began in August with controlled explosions and digging, which will be followed by further excavation and demolition work. The building phase will start towards the end of the year.

“Our aim is to start moving operations to the new facilities at the very start of 2021. This will take place in stages, with the building work continuing all spring. Our current estimate is that we’ll be able to utilise the entire revamped factory next summer,” factory director Carl-Magnus Lindroos says.

More warehouse and production space

Teampac’s need for the expansion is clear: more space. Its customers’ production volumes have been growing steadily over the last few years, and the coronavirus pandemic has boosted orders even more. The need for extra warehouse space is particularly pressing, but time is ripe for modernising production facilities, too.

“Teampac is focusing increasingly on products for the health sector, which involves specific requirements in terms of both production machinery and facilities. Controlled cleanrooms, for example, are a must. In the new factory, we will be able to zero in on both efficiency and hygiene, which will, in turn, improve functionality. The extra space will also be essential to potential investments in new machinery,” Lindroos explains.

To customers, the factory expansion will bring even better quality products and even more reliable production schedules. The production process will be faster, meaning less time will be needed from product development to production.
“Everyone is very much looking forward to the new facilities, and you can sense it in the enthusiastic atmosphere,” Lindroos continues.
The development of Teampac’s premises won’t end here. When the factory project is completed, it will be time for office expansion. The diggers will be hard at work for at least a couple more years.

Teampac’s factory expansion in a nutshell:

  • Teampac’s factory will be expanded by approximately 1500 square metres. After the expansion, its total size will be around 5500 square metres.
  • The cost of the project will exceed 3 million euro.
  • Construction started in August with excavation and demolition work, with Kymenlaakson rakennus as the principal contractor.
  • Operations will be moved to the new facilities in stages from January–February to June 2021.