Teampac is supporting Team Rynkeby

Teampac is supporting Team Rynkeby

Teampac is sponsoring the international Team Rynkeby charity cycling team through Karl-Magnus Lindfors, which will cycle to Paris to raise money for seriously ill children.

This season Team Rynkeby consists of 2,400 bikers and 550 service crew members, who are split into 65 local teams in nine different countries. In 20 years Team Rynkeby has raised a total of 75 million for seriously ill children. The amount donated last year was 9,74 million. The raised funds will be donated in Finland to the Aamu Pediatric Cancer Foundation and Sylva ry, which are doing important work to promote children’s cancer research and to support children with cancer and their families.

Karl-Magnus Lindfors, who is part of Vantaa’s team, says he has joined because he wants to do something concrete to help seriously ill children. He also expects new experiences and friends from the trip, as well as seeing Europe from the saddle of a bicycle. Cycling to Paris in a week means an average of about 170 kilometers a day, which is a tough challenge for anyone. Karl-Magnus also looks forward to seeing how the team spirit is maintained in an intense trip and whether the members are able to encourage and help each other.

The idea for cycling to Paris was born in 2001 when Knud Vilstrup, an employee of Rynkeby Foods, was diagnosed with COPD. To live a healthier life in the future, Vilstrup decided to start playing sports. At the Rynkeby Christmas party, he asked technical director Torben Møller Larsen if he would be interested in cycling to the Champs-Élysées in Paris to watch the final stage of the Tour de France, and whether Rynkeby could also sponsor juices for a trip. Møller-Larsen agreed on condition that he was allowed to join the trip.

In the first year there was 11 cyclists and one minibus driver. So Team Rynkeby was not originally set up as a charity project, but in the first year, in addition to the juice, about 5 100 € was donated to start the project. After the trip they decided to donate the remaining sponsorship funds to the children’s cancer unit at Odense University Hospital, Denmark.

Inspired by a very challenging but successful trip to Paris, Vilstrup persuaded Jørgen Dirksen, CEO of Rynkeby Foods A / S, to re-award money for the project. This is how the charity project, which is still running today, began, and the number of participants and sponsors – and at the same time the number of donations received by organizations supported by Team Rynkeby – is growing steadily year by year.