Teampac and sustainability

Teampac is a reliable partner, including when it comes to sustainability. Our sustainability principles are based on the UN Global Compact initiative.

The initiative is based on 10 universally accepted principles, which focus on safeguarding labour and human rights, protecting the environment, and preventing corruption in corporate strategies and operations. We collaborate closely on sustainability issues with our customers and suppliers.

Our Commitments

A sustainable and reliable partner – Teampac 2024

Carbon neutral production

0% landfill waste

our customers the most sustainable product concept possible

all suppliers
committed to our sustainability objectives


Our commitment to the environment is focused on using resources wisely throughout our operations.

Emissions: The energy use of our production creates the largest share of our environmental footprint, but by 2024, we will achieve our goal of carbon neutral production. We are also reducing the CO2emissions of our transport and storage operations by optimising the packaging of our products.

Waste: We create a minimal amount of waste and monitor waste levels weekly. We don’t send any waste to landfill. Our product design process is geared from the very start towards minimising waste, in both production and the use phase. Our efficient quality assurance process halts production immediately should a product defect be detected, ensuring that no waste is created in production.

Raw materials and packaging: We encourage our customers to choose sustainable and responsibly produced ingredients and packaging for their products. We are constantly on the lookout for new alternatives and select renewable and recyclable materials whenever possible. None of our products contain microplastics. What’s more, we are able to opt for biodegradable materials to prevent the release of microplastics into the environment during the product lifecycle. Labelling helps consumers dispose of our packaging appropriately.



As a Finnish employer, we adhere to one of the world’s best employment laws in terms of employee rights. We promote Finnish and local employment in everything we do, and we have been awarded the Key Flag mark by the Association of Finnish Work.

Employees are what make Teampac, and they are our most precious resource. Our employees also own 40% of our company. We are investing heavily in our collaboration processes and in information transparency on every level. We regularly measure and monitor our workplace atmosphere, taking concrete action wherever we discover room for improvement. Every one of our employees has our backing for developing their expertise and growing in their professional role. Our strong team spirit is our driving force.


Corruption and human rights

Our suppliers play a key role in our operations. We know them well, including their ways of working, and our relationships are based on transparency and trust. In line with the UN Global Compact, we ensure respect for human rights and ethically sustainable business across our supply chain. By 2024 every one of our approved suppliers has signed our sustainability objectives in accordance with the UN Global Compact initiative.