Skin and surface disinfectants

Skin and surface disinfectants

Hand hygiene plays a crucial role in controlling the spread of infections. We manufacture products for disinfecting hands, skin and surfaces, for healthcare professionals and consumers.

Desinfiointi pullomalliProducts for disinfecting skin and surfaces, such as hand disinfectants and disinfection wipes, are a core part of Teampac’s expertise. The majority of our products are contract manufactured for customers and are branded accordingly. End users include hospital staff as well as ordinary consumers.

”We have prepared for the increased need to clean and disinfect hands by manufacturing more disinfectant in 100 ml bottles and hand disinfection wipes”, says Teampac’s Account Manager for healthcare products, Elina Seiro.

The products manufactured by Teampac can be classified as biocides or medical devices. Our operations are in compliance with the new MDR regulation. We deliver:

  • Yksittäispakatut ja monipakkauksissa olevat esikostutetut pyyhkeetImpregnated wet wipes, such as patient hygiene and wound cleansing wipes, as well as many other disinfection wipes and cleansing wipes for skin and surfaces. Wet wipes are available individually packaged (single sachets) or in multipacks (flowpacks)
  • Liquids in a bottle, such as sprays, hand disinfectants, and skin cleansing liquids


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