Safety is paramount to us, also in a crisis

Safety is paramount to us, also in a crisis

Teampac is fully prepared for the exceptional circumstances caused by the coronavirus. We comply with official regulations in all our operations. Our production continues as usual, and the safety of our products is guaranteed despite the ongoing pandemic. As a critical supplier, we are currently doing our utmost to respond to the increased demand in disinfection products.

Product safety unaffected by the crisis

Our quality systems and newly adopted processes guarantee that our operations take place in a safe environment, also in the light of the new, stricter requirements. This is our way to ensure that our products continue to fulfill every safety criteria. We monitor and comply with the regulations of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare. We have also put in place more stringent operative, hygiene and disinfection protocols on our production lines and at other facilities. Only our production-critical employees are present on-site, with the rest of the company working remotely.

Production continues – we’re at your service remotely

Teampac’s production continues, as do the rest of our product-related operations within the limits of current restrictions. Our experts are happy to serve you via the phone and online channels. We collaborate actively with our suppliers to ensure the best possible level of service. As a critical supplier, we also understand our crucial role in the fight against the coronavirus. This means we have maximised our production capacity for skin and surface disinfectants.

We are here for you

As a trusted partner, we take responsibility for the safety and quality of our customers’products, the wellbeing of our employees, and the availability of critical products. Please do not hesitate to get in touch.If you have questions or concerns about any exceptional arrangements related to the coronavirus, please contact our Managing Director Hannu Vakkari on +358 500 65 0790 or at hannu.vakkari(at)

Our account managers are happy to help with all order and sales related issues.