Repolar Pharmaceuticals: “Co-operation is at the Core of our Product Development”

AbicinThe resin-based products of Repolar Pharmaceuticals offer competitive alternatives to wound and skin care, both for cosmetic and pharmaceutical needs. Some of the company’s products are designed for animal care and are already on the verge of market leadership in Finland. As its contract manufacturer, Repolar Pharmaceuticals chose Teampac, which can provide support at all stages of the product processes.


Teampack-RepolarRepolar is based around a multidisciplinary team of Finnish scientists and doctors who were interested in the wound-healing effects of resin, well-known in the traditions of Lapland. Several clinical and laboratory trials later, the effects of resin have been undeniably proven and the product family is growing. The product portfolio includes, for example, Abilar resin salve for wound care and Abicin resin lacquer for fungal nail infection, paronychia and athlete’s foot. Resin-based products for animal care are also available, such as AniVox ear wash, AniLavo rinsing liquid and AniWipe wet wipes. They are all made of natural resin from Finnish forests and manufactured by Teampac in Finland.

“Studies show the convincing effects of resin, even in difficult cases, such as leg and hip ulcers and bedsores. Resin has exceptional, broad-spectrum, antimicrobial effects that work against bacteria and fungi,” says Paavo Heikkinen, CEO of Repolar.

Even traditional antibiotic creams can be challenged by resin alternatives, since resin does not generate resistant bacterial strains. It also works well against hospital bacteria. In addition, unlike many other substances, resin does not sting and it is skin- and cell-friendly and has a soothing effect on inflammatory reactions. Resin-based products also contribute to a faster wound-healing time with less scarring.

“The possibilities for the use of resin are vast and many are yet to discover. For instance, we are now exploring its use in cosmetics and in the long-term disinfection of surfaces in a safer, non-toxic way.”

An adept contract manufacturer provides support already during product development

Repolar Pharmaceuticals believes in the power of co-operation in its product development. Teampac was selected as a contract manufacturer as Repolar wanted a partner with a distinguished clientele and tried and tested production equipment and methods.

“Teampac helps us already early on in the process with product formulation. We describe the kind of product we are looking for, and Teampac experts help us to choose the right ingredients to go with the resin component. This help is very valuable to us. They have a talented chemist who knows which ingredients help the product to absorb faster, for example,” Heikkinen says.

The long-standing co-operation is reflected in the smooth process.

“In addition to the formula, it is important to understand how the ingredients are mixed, in which order they are added and at which temperature the product is made. Teampac is an expert in all these steps and can work independently and tell us what should be done. Our own work would be much more difficult if the contract manufacturer only asked for a complete recipe and instructions for producing the product. With a manufacturer like Teampac, who has experience in producing products for others, the pieces quickly fall into place and things get done fast.”

The products of Repolar are manufactured under Medical Device status. When products are used to treat open wounds, the working instructions must be in order. Both Repolar and Teampac are ISO 13485 certified, which assures the quality and traceability of the products, if needed. The products are over-the-counter and sold both to the consumer market and directly to hospitals, such as the Finnish university hospitals HUS, TAYS and TYKS.

 Sustainable growth while respecting nature

The products of Repolar have been warmly welcomed and business growth is expected not only in the Finnish market but also abroad. Some of the animal care products of the company will most likely become market leaders in Finland in 2019. Since Repolar has been studying and manufacturing resin-based products for many years already, it is familiar with their long-term effects. International growth is achieved while respecting the raw material reserves in Northern Finland.

“Trees are not harmed during the process since the resin we use is collected from natural wounds in the trees. Resin is a prolific raw material that has positive effects even at very low concentrations. That is why our current capacity is enough to cover the upcoming international growth as well.”

We are happy to announce that a new resin-based hand balm Abicare Creme, also made by Teampac, will be launched in December 2018.