New managing director takes the helm at Teampac

Jyri Temonen has started as the new managing director of Teampac. Temonen, who has extensive experience in the field of technochemistry, takes over from the retiring Managing Director, Hannu Vakkari.

The leadership change takes place at an interesting time. The company’s turnover has grown by several dozen per cent over the last five years, with improvements in production and operational efficiency as well as investments in healthcare and cosmetics expertise bearing fruit. On top of that, the coronavirus pandemic has fuelled further growth.

”Teampac has had the ingenuity to focus on products that are in huge demand at the moment. We have specialist expertise in production and productisation, and the company has made bold investments in expanding production and product development. Teampac is extremely effective when it comes to small and medium production runs – this is a considerable competitive advantage,” says the new Managing Director Jyri Temonen.

Temonen has more than 20 years’ experience in the field of technochemistry. Prior to Teampac, he worked at Ecolab, a global manufacturer of professional hygiene products. Temonen started his career at Ecolab as a salesman, spending a couple of years working in Sweden and Russia. For the last two years, he has been responsible for Ecolab’s operations in Finland.

”After over two decades working for large global companies, I was ready for a change. Around a year ago I found myself driven to look around me and seek out new challenges. I saw the job opening for Teampac’s managing director at exactly the right time. It grabbed my attention immediately, as Teampac is the perfect size, healthy, and growing fast,” Temonen says.

Sales as a key strength

”My background at Ecolab will be immensely helpful in my new role, too, including my sales expertise. Improving sales efficiency, building sales processes, and acquiring new business are some of my key strengths,” Temonen says.

When it comes to Teampac, Temonen was immediately impressed by the strong culture of collaboration. People really work together as one team, rather than in silos, and the customer always comes first.

”My vision is that five years from now, we will be the leading Nordic specialist in certain segments of cosmetics and healthcare products. Thanks to our in-house product development expertise, we are not just a product manufacturer or a packaging company, but a genuine development partner to our customers. Achieving this, of course, requires investing in both people and production.”

Temonen, who resides in Espoo, likes to spend his free time outdoors with his family, often with a camera in hand.

Teampac issues a warm welcome to Jyri! At the same time, we’d like to thank the retiring Managing Director Hannu Vakkari. Over the last few years, Teampac has risen to the next level – that’s an achievement to be proud of!