INARI Arctic Beauty and Teampac – partners in high-quality natural cosmetics

INARI Arctic Beauty is a high-quality skin care line powered by Arctic ingredients. While the brand is global, the products have a Finnish spirit. Thus, a natural production partner was Teampac – a top-level contract manufacturer, specialized in natural cosmetics.

Inari CosmeticsINARI Arctic Beauty is a new, selective cosmetics brand, created by the Finnish-German duo Sirkku Hahn and Nina Stenberg. The women reside in Munich, but their roots are in Finland. “We share a mutual love for the Arctic nature of Northern Finland,” says Hahn.

A contract partner specialized in natural cosmetics

The INARI Arctic Beauty products are Finnish at their core. “The essence and power of our products come from the pristine nature of Northern Finland, its potent plants and herbs and the cleanest air in the world. That’s why it was very important to us to have the products manufactured in Finland,” Hahn says.

The pair behind INARI Arctic Beauty wanted to find a manufacturing partner who understands the demands of natural cosmetics. “Product safety is the key factor of our production process, no synthetic preservatives are used in our products. Teampac has the expertise we need. They also make products for healthcare, so we can count on the very high standards of their manufacturing process,” says Stenberg.

“We were also impressed by Teampac’s customer-centric approach. It has been great to witness how they genuinely believe in our business. The cooperation has been a real success. Having Teampac as a strategic partner provides us with the security to promote INARI globally and develop new arctic cosmetics products for the collection,” Stenberg says.

At the heart of everything is long-term cooperation

According to Carl Fagerudd, Teampac’s Sales Director, Teampac’s business is based on responsible and long-term partnerships with brand owners. In addition to cosmetics, the company specialises in the contract manufacturing of hygiene and healthcare products.

“Our job is to help our customers strengthen the core of their brand,” Fagerudd says. “As a one stop shop, we help discover winning formulations and ingredients, provide support in registration, ensure compliance, and manufacture products reliably. Our expertise covers the entire product lifecycle from concept creation to manufacturing, branded packaging and logistics. Natural cosmetics are our spearhead in cosmetics. Their market share is growing fast globally, and consumers expect quality products.”

Fagerudd says it was INARI Cosmetics who found Teampac. “They had their product idea and sales arguments ready. The company had a unique vision from day one, which I think is great, because their products represent high-quality, selective cosmetics. In cosmetics, you need to believe in yourself, and the brand owner needs to have a clear strategy to succeed. That’s something INARI Cosmetics has absolutely nailed. Now it’s our turn to use our expertise – turning natural ingredients into premium cosmetics – as we handle each stage of the production process.”

“It’s also very important to us that all INARI Arctic Beauty products are manufactured in a facility that’s certified with the highest European production standards GMP ISO 22716, ISO 9001, Nordic Eco Label and COSMOS,” Sirkku Hahn concludes.