Healthcare products and products classified as medical devices

When you are looking for a contract manufacturer for your product concept or you want to outsource your existing production to an expert, Teampac is your perfect partner. We manufacture liquid-based products for healthcare use, such as wet wipes and liquid-filled bottles and tubes. We help you design your product and ensure that the process complies with legal requirements from start to finish, whether for medical devices, biocides, or cosmetics. Our quality-assured production and wide range of professional services will fulfil all your needs.


Our expertise covers products classified as medical devices, such as disinfectants and cleansing substances for infection control. Our operations comply with the requirements of the new MDR regulation for medical devices manufacturing. Our certified quality assurance process adheres to the ISO 13485 standard.


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Wet wipes, bottles and tubes for diverse healthcare needs

You can outsource your entire manufacturing to us or turn to our experts for product design. We manufacture healthcare products and medical devices for cleansing and disinfecting the skin and surfaces, even for the most demanding professional environments.

We deliver:

  • Impregnated wet wipes, such as patient hygiene and wound cleansing wipes, as well as many other disinfection wipes and cleansing wipes for skin and surfaces. Wet wipes are available individually packaged (single sachetts) or in multipacks (flowpacks).
  • Liquids in a bottle, such as sprays, hand disinfectants, skin cleansing liquids and shampoos.
  • Liquid-based products in a tube, such as lotions, ultrasound gels and toothpastes.


Our experts help bring your product to market

Besides offering ISO 13485 compliant production, we can assist you throughout your entire product development and design process, in compliance with the MDR regulation. If needed, you can also outsource the entire documentation of your medical device to us. To make sure we can fulfil your every need, Teampac’s in-house specialists are supported by a broad network of external professionals.

We are fully familiar with what the replacement of the Medical Device Directive by the MDR regulation means in practice. To kick start your project, we can go through the ”Essential Requirements/General Safety and Performance Requirements” checklist. This is complemented by our comprehensive risk management file, which covers all the MDR and ISO 14971 requirements. What’s more, we can put together a panel of professionals for clinical evaluation and risk assessment. When necessary we also handle pilot production, validation, and accelerated shelf-life testing. Finally, we gather the documentation into a comprehensive technical file.

Our services during your product’s lifecycle include periodic risk assessment reviews and risk management updates.

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