Fisherman brothers ensure high quality in Teampac’s production

The Veijonen brothers, Ville ja Juho, have looked after the maintenance and upkeep of Teampac’s production equipment since 2012. Juho is in charge of the bottle, jar and tube machine, while Ville takes care of the wipe machines. The work is interesting, and the colleagues are great, but what the brothers are truly hooked up on is catching local lake salmon.

“It was in spring 2012 that I saw Teampac’s job advert for a mechanic. They were looking for someone young and quick to learn, so I decided to apply. My little brother would finish the army that autumn, and it didn’t take long until he ended up at the same factory,” Juho Veijonen reminisces.

The Veijonen brothers have now enjoyed nearly a decade at Teampac. The work is compelling and varied, and you learn something new almost every day.

“What I like best is realising I’ve succeeded and seeing the consequences of that success. I find that both rewarding and motivating. Production and our workload have doubled since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, but together we’ve managed it in fine style. Needless to say, we hope there’ll be no end to this growth,” Ville Veijonen says.

Nothing beats lake salmon

This summer the brothers are busy at Teampac, and holidays must wait until the autumn. Thankfully it’s not all work and no play, however, so the two have plenty of free time for fishing – a passion they both share. Their current favourite is lake salmon, which they catch by trolling.

“Lake salmon is a rare catch, and that’s what makes it so fascinating. If you spend 200 hours in the boat, you might only get ten to twenty fish. At least you’ll never get bored of it!”, Juho laughs.

The Veijonens aim to head out to the lake at least once a week. Their home village, Koria, is surrounded by lakes, so the journey requires very little effort.

“Sometimes we take off at six in the morning if we work the evening shift. That leaves us ample time for a trip to the lake,” Juho continues.

The fishing trips are joined by their other brother, Sami, a professional chef. It’s up to him to turn their catch into delicious feasts.

“We’ve also taken part in competitions. Last year we won the Karijärvi trolling competition with a 5.8-kilo lake salmon,” Ville says.

Try it out!

The Veijonen brothers recommend fishing to everyone, as it’s easy to get started.

“All you need to begin is a traditional rod, line and hook. It’s worth investing a bit in equipment, though: instead of buying a one euro set from the garage, it’s worth spending a little more and purchasing a decent one with a smaller hook. It really makes a difference, just watch this video and see for yourself!”

With these relaxing fishing scenes, Teampac wishes all its employees, customers and stakeholders the best possible summer. Tight lines, everyone!