Cosmetic products

Do you have a product idea for the cosmetics market or is your product range in need of an update? Teampac has years of experience as a partner and contract manufacturer for large cosmetics brands.

We are equally happy to use this extensive expertise to help smaller cosmetics companies. We will be at your service through the entire product creation process, from design to going to market. Alternatively, you can choose to only outsource manufacturing, or a part of it.

We manufacture cosmetic products for the face, body and hair, which match our customers’ brand. Our services also cover certified organic cosmetics and intimate hygiene products. We will help you through the entire product creation process, from successful product design and development to reliable manufacturing. We ensure that the product fulfils its promises, meets customer demand, and is manufactured sustainably.

Teampac’s cosmetic product operations comply with ISO 9001 and ISO 22716 quality standards. We have also been awarded the Key Flag Symbol, which demonstrates that our products are manufactured in Finland.

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We can develop a new product or product range from scratch, or tailor one of our standard concepts for your product idea. If needed, we can also help complement and refresh your existing product portfolio, from products to packaging. We only use responsibly and sustainably produced ingredients and packaging for our products.

Our product concepts include:

  • creams, such as day and night creams, eye creams, body creams and lotions, self-tanning creams and sun protection creams (SPF)
  • serums and oils, such as face serums, cleansing oils, and massage and body oils
  • gels, such as shaving gels, cleansing gels, and hair gels
  • waters, such as miscellar waters, toners, and salt sprays
  • single packed wet wipes, such as makeup remover wipes, self-tanning wipes, nail polish remover wipes, refreshing wipes, and intimate wipes
  • reclosable wet wipes (flowpacks), makeup removal wipes, exfoliating facial wipes, body wipes, intimate wipes, and baby wipes
  • sachets for product launches

Download our product list to explore our entire product selection. We are happy to help you design a product range that supports your brand.

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Didn’t find your product? We are at your service for even the most challenging product concept. You can reach us by phone +358 19 521 1800 and by email


Taking a cosmetic product from concept to shelf is a process that requires meticulous work and expertise. Our professionals will guide you through the entire journey. We will also guide you in creating the necessary documentation.

Here’s how the process proceeds:

Product idea

  • We work with you to map out the requirements and goals for the product, the product promise and its purpose.
  • We outline the big picture: what kind of process you should expect and what is required in its various stages.
  • We draft schedules to support your successful product launch.
  • We manufacture products meeting biocidal products and Medical Device (MDR) regulations. We also manufacture products that meet the requirements of the Nordic Ecolabel, A&A and COSMOS certifications, and we can also certify products for you. We support you with product documentation requirements.

Formulation (product recipes)

  • Our experienced product chemists develop a bespoke formula (recipe) for your product, taking into account your product promise and claims as well as existing and upcoming legal requirements.
  • In all products we manufacture, we strive to use sustainable and responsibly produced ingredients.
  • At the end of this stage you will receive a sample for feedback and approval.

Product safety and testing

  • Every product must be tested in multiple ways, all of which we can manage for you.
  • Our services include, for example, product safety assessments, stability and microbiological tests, and dermatological tests. If needed, we will also help you conduct EN testing. We can also determine the alcohol content of products.

Packaging concepts

  • The look and feel of the packaging is the final touch on your product and ties it with your brand.
  • Teampac’s professionals help you find the right packaging solution to support your brand. Our sustainable approach applies to our packaging, too.


  • Our quality-driven production complies with ISO 13485, ISO 9001 and ISO 22716 standards.
  • We ensure that your product fulfils its quality promises.
  • With our nearly 100% on-time delivery, your products are guaranteed to be completed on time.


We’ll help map out and fulfil your needs. Send us your contact details and our expert will get in touch with you.
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