Aleksi Kyrö appointed as Teampac’s new production manager

Aleksi Kyrö appointed as Teampac’s new production manager

A new era is about to begin in Teampac’s production. After overseeing production for more than 12 years, Production Manager Antero Pitkänen is retiring at the end of June. Aleksi Kyrö will succeed him in his role.

”Before joining Teampac I worked for 27 years as a logger. Teampac offered me a job as their production manager, and never for a moment have I regretted my decision to change careers. I’ve learnt so much here. One such lesson was to always set my targets high, as targets tend to turn into reality,” Antero Pitkäniemi describes his 12-year career at Teampac.

Pitkäniemi’s career has involved many eye-opening moments, useful lessons, and memorable achievements. He names doubling the speed of a key production line as one of his biggest successes.

“That, too, was all about collaboration. The people at Teampac have a fantastic team spirit. Everyone strives towards the same goals. I will really miss this atmosphere and these people after my retirement,” Pitkäniemi says.

From now on, Pitkäniemi’s calendar will be filled with exercise, dancing and motorbiking as well as fly tying and fishing. He is fully confident about leaving Teampac’s production to his successor:

“When we interviewed Aleksi I was quickly convinced that he was the right person for the job. Aleksi brings a wealth of new skills to Teampac, particularly in terms of maintenance and upkeep. I wish him the best of luck in his new role.”

“Teampac is heading in the right direction”

The new production manager, mechatronic engineer Aleksi Kyrö last worked at Isku Interior as a real estate and maintenance manager. Prior to Isku, his career has taken him to Fazer Confectionary, ISS A/S, and Wipak. Kyrö sees keeping staff motivated through major changes caused by increased production volume and investments as one of his central responsibilities as a production manager.

“My impression of Teampac is a close-knit work community, like a family. People are used to making changes and decisions fast without heavy bureaucracy. As production manager, my most important task will be to drive the company’s strategy in production, while ensuring that the factory has the capacity to implement the planned growth strategy. The company is heading in the right direction, with astonishingly motivated and committed staff,” Kyrö says.

Kyrö lives with his wife and five-year-old son in Orimattila in southern Finland. Besides spending time with the family, he enjoys playing floorball and football. Motocross is a passionate hobby he shares with his son.

Teampac’s staff issue a heartfelt thanks to Antero for the long journey together and wish him a relaxed retirement. To Aleksi, we’re extending the warmest welcome to the Teampac family.