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We take care of your liquid based cosmetics, hygiene and health care products with pride. Our services vary from standard products and contract manufacturing to product development together with your scientific and commercial teams. We have the means to create competitive advantage through flexibility.

A modular partnership creates faster innovation cycles and better customer experience. Having us as a part or your modular product organization, you can concentrate on your core assets. Modularity keeps manufacturing related disturbances away from your desktop.

Challenge us with a complex medical device concept or an Ecocert/Cosmos certified cosmetic product!

Strategic fit for Nordic innovators

Product concepts

Product concepts

Co-creation from idea to accurate delivery

Regardless of your product development needs, you can rely on our experience. We specialize in liquid based product development, including testing, documentation and compliance. Let us help you create new innovations.

  • Shorten the time used for development and launch
  • Concentrate on the most important development tasks
  • Utilize our tools to optimize production to your specific needs
  • We can meet the strictest compliance requirements
  • We can take care of documentation
  • We manufacture and deliver to your chosen doorstep

Standard solutions

Standard solutions

Standard products with 100 % delivery accuracy

This is what we master: liquid based products, such as wet wipes, gels, lotions and other solutions for your cosmetics, hygiene or medical device business.

We can be your partner in the manufacturing of your product, a part of it, or a supplement to it.  We are a Nordic pioneer in wet wipe solutions.

Our fully integrated chain of logistics offers you a timely delivery of the goods. And we operate amid the cleanest water resources on mother earth.

Contract manufacturing

Contract manufacturing

Outsourcing your production has never been easier

Contract manufacturing is an efficiency business where competition is fierce. We understand that productivity is everything.

We manufacture goods with high quality output, speed and low level of complaints, but that is not our passion. Customer service and building sustainable relationships is what we love.

We are flexible. If you need help with optimizing your production capacity, we can help you.


 A Scandinavian success

We wanted launch our own wetwipe range and contacted Teampac. Wipes are part of their core business and they have the best knowledge of that product group. In addition, Finland is nearby and we appreciate Nordic suppliers. Our choice of Teampac as a partner has had a significant impact on KICKS brand. KICKS Self-tanning wipes, Disinfection gel and Makeup-remover wipes produced by Teampac have become a success. Top sellers, so it has definitely been of great importance for us.

Sofia Mellström
Product manager

 Reliable partner

Teampac helps us already early on in the process with product formulation. We describe the kind of product we are looking for, and Teampac experts help us to choose the right ingredients to go with our resin component. This help is very valuable to us. They have a talented chemist who knows which ingredients help the product to absorb faster, for example.

In addition to the formula, it is important to understand how the ingredients are mixed, in which order they are added and at which temperature the product is made. Teampac is an expert in all these steps and can work independently and tell us what should be done. Our own work would be much more difficult if the contract manufacturer only asked for a complete recipe and instructions for producing the product. With a manufacturer like Teampac, who has experience in producing products for others, the pieces quickly fall into place and things get done fast.”

Paavo Heikkinen

Standard Products

Here are examples of our standard products. Feel free to ask us for more information:

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