Teampac is a Finnish, internationally operating contract manufacturer of cosmetics, hygiene and medical products. Our business is based on responsible and long-term partnerships with brand owners.

Our Service Concepts


We fulfill your ideas. Our services may include the whole concept or a certain phase of it.


Product Idea
• Together, we create products to strengthen your brand.
• Our expertise in turning your ideas into a product shortens the development and launching process.

Research & Development
• We develop products that match your demands.
• Together, we design and optimize the most suitable concept to boost your brand.
• We comply in all operations with existing regulations and can take care of the required documentation.

• We manufacture and deliver products as agreed.

Standard solutions

Teampac offers a range of tested and trusted product concepts.


Finished product concepts can either be used as they are or be modified for you. Our standard solutions allow almost unlimited cost-effective applications.

• We are the leading contract manufacturer of liquid Medical Device products in the Nordic Countries. Our core business is wet wipe solutions.

• We can meet the strictest requirements in cosmetics, covering for instance the Nordic Swan label, Asthma and Allergy indications and Ecocert demands.

Hygiene and cleaning
• We offer innovative solutions for personal hygiene, disinfection and cleaning of surfaces and objects.

Product samples
• We manufacture sachet solutions for branding and product launches in order to support your marketing.

You can check our standard solutions from product search.


You can trust your entire productionor a part of it to us.


Equalizing fluctuations in production
• We help you optimize your production capacity. By outsourcing a part of your production to us, we enable you to maximize the efficiency of your own production.

Outsourcing production or parts of it
• In case production is not the most essential part of your core business, by working together we can turn that into your competitive advantage. Our strengths in versatile and efficient production, quality thinking and customer focus are at your disposal. This allows you to concentrate on developing your own core competence.


 A Scandinavian success

KWe wanted launch our own wetwipe range and contacted Teampac. Wipes are part of their core business and they have the best knowledge of that product group. In addition, Finland is nearby and we appreciate Nordic suppliers. Our choice of Teampac as a partner has had a significant impact on KICKS brand. KICKS Self-tanning wipes, Disinfection gel and Makeup-remover wipes produced by Teampac have become a success. Top sellers, so it has definitely been of great importance for us.

Sofia Mellström
Product manager

 Reliable partner

We sell products for wound and skin care, as well as products for animal care. Since the founding of our company, we have engaged in close co-operation with Teampac, from research and development to the outsourcing of production. Our company, Repolar Pharmaceuticals, manufactures the active substances that are used in our products. Teampac, in turn, is responsible for production of the end products and for appropriate packaging. It has been very important for us to use a reliable and high-quality Finnish manufacturer, which is also appreciated by consumers. Co-operation works smoothly and efficiently.

Miika Jokinen
Repolar Pharmaceuticals OY


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Teampac OY can also create tailor-made products according to customer needs. Please contact our sales team.


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